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Saffron Breakfast Tea | Certified Organic

Saffron Breakfast Tea | Certified Organic

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  • Our breakfast tea is made with 100% natural ingredients that brew a flavourful and rich cup of tea. There are light floral notes in the taste of the breakfast tea with an added kick from the saffron, and when blended with milk it creates an aroma similar to that of warm toast and honey. This tea pairs particularly well with hearty foods.
  • Safaroma sources our saffron from Afghanistan where it is hand-picked with care by our female farmers; with every product you purchase you help build a sustainable future for the lives of these women and their families.
  • The saffron we add to each of our blends is 100% organic, non-GMO, and contains no additives or preservatives, thus retaining its natural flavours and aroma.
  • Saffron has powerful health benefits for the body - this highly sought after spice boosts cardiovascular, sight and brain health. 
  • Safaroma believes in quality and integrity. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we guarantee a full refund.

Details: 15 Sachets / 30g  (Naturally-made Transparent Pyramid Sachets)

Ingredients: Organic Full Leaf Black Tea, 100% pure saffron100% Organic

Safaroma promise: With every product you purchase, you support and empower our entrepreneurial female partners in need. 


Remember Saffron can elevate your mood and makes you happier!

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